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    You wake up get out of bed and your feet are just soaked. yeah well it looks like your house has been flooded. But you'll be fine soon for we handle everything, from providing emergency water damage services in Tampa, Florida, to providing restoration consulting. In response to your requests, our experts that focus in both commercial and residential flood damage restoration act quickly and provide accurate diagnoses and solutions. We want to work with you to quickly restore things to normal because we know the longer your business is drowning so is the money. Or maybe your family would like to sleep in their house.

    We understand that your problem currently going on could be stressful. If as soon as possible please call us for the longer materials, furniture and etc... remain wet the more damage it will cause and even lead to mold growing and we would not want to have to deal with two problems now would we?

   While your waiting on us to arrive please do us both a favor and turn off your watermain. Once we arrive at the scene, we will start water migration to prevent any further damage. If you're confused what that is it is where come in and clean up all the water remove damaged parts and more.

Here at RestoWrx we will provide certain Damage Repair Services and more such as:

  • Backups of Contaminated Water and Sewage: Sewage backups not only hurt your business but can also be dangerous to your health. Bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that can lead to sickness and illness can be found in sewage and flood waters.

  • Roof Leaks & Failures: A leaky roof can cause significant damage and jeopardize the stability, foundation, and structure of the building.

  • Upholstered Furniture and Carpet : A wet carpet is one of the major problems a business operator has following any kind of water damage. Where possible, Spicola Restoration will make every effort to assess and rescue carpet.

  • Appliance Ruptures and Leaks: Older materials, poor connections, or ruptured hoses can all cause appliances in commercial buildings to leak. It's possible for damage to go unnoticed for a long time.

  • Drying and Dehumidification Services: These services  tend to be sufficient to eliminate moisture from your business or home on their own. Water can hide in your HVAC system and vents, behind walls, under flooring, and more.

  • Flood Water: Floodwater damage at your commercial property can have an immediate and serious effect on your company. Damages increase along with the water level.


As soon as you call RestoWrx in Tampa, we’ll dispatch one of our expert teams to your home to conduct a thorough analysis of the problem and devise an extraction strategy that includes the following elements:

  • Water Extraction: All excess water and moisture is removed, and we’ll sanitize and deodorize your home. We specialize in restoring wood items, so you won’t have to worry about your furniture or floors warping in the future.

  • Drying: We thoroughly dry your carpets, walls, floors, ceilings and your building’s contents. We remove any active mold colonies, and we apply an anti-microbial to prohibit mold or fungi growth.

  • Pack-out/Pack-in Services: During the time when your home is being treated, you may not have a place to store your belongings. We provide secure dry storage for your valuables, and they’ll be safely returned once the job is completed.

  • Duct Inspection and Cleaning: Water damage in ductwork and air handlers provides a perfect environment for mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria growth. We offer comprehensive duct inspection and cleaning services to make sure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency.







   We'll use tools and techniques for water mitigation to reduce loss and stop additional harm. In order to prevent physical harm or theft, this may also involve removing the impacted items and any excess water from the residence, as well as structural and internal security measures. Specialized tools will be utilized to aid with drying and dehumidification, and the building will be completely aired. All items will be looked over and sorted for anything that can be salvaged. Anything that can be salvaged will be cleaned and sterilized so they can be used once more. Contaminated furniture and materials, such as drywall and flooring, may need to be removed.

Types of water:

  • Category 1 - Pure water comes from sources like burst water supply pipes or bathtub and sink overflows that are free of impurities. if there isn't any stink and the water isn't left standing for a long time.

  • Category 2  - Water is contaminated chemically and physically from sources like fish tanks, urine spills, and washer or dishwasher discharge. if there isn't any stink and the water isn't left standing for a long time.

  • Category 3 - Water originates from unhygienic sources such groundwater, sewage backups, flooding, and toilet backups. Because Category 3 water losses are the most dangerous to human health, most of the time it is necessary for occupants to leave the property until a through decontamination and cleaning process has been completed.






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