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   Finding mold in your home or business can be an alarming discovery. However, mold is actually all around us naturally, both indoors and out. Not all mold is toxic, but any mold that is found growing indoors is not a good sign. Indoor mold can have dreadful and dangerous effects on your building’s structure and your health, not to mention its unpleasant odor and appearance. RestoWrx knows you have more important things to do other than dealing with a mold issue. Our comprehensive mold testing and mold removal services will ensure that mold is eliminated from your property and you can get back to what’s important.

   Once we complete a thorough visual assessment of the building, air and surface samples may be collected and sent to the lab for analysis. Since mold requires a moist and humid source, our objective is to determine the source so that mold cannot continue to grow after the remediation has been completed. If mold is already visible, chances are, you have mold and a mold inspection is not truly necessary. Regardless of your intuition, RestoWrx will be able to solve your suspicions and determine what kind of mold and the severity with a complete mold testing.

Our Mold Removal Process

Mold begins to grow within 48 hours anytime it’s exposed to moisture. This can result from a broken pipe, a flood, a slow leak or even high humidity. Professional mold removal companies employ specific protocols designed to remove existing colonies and eliminate the chance of new growth.

  • Inspection Phase: Our technicians will inspect your home for visible signs of activity. If mold is found, we can help guide you through the reports for your insurance company. 
    As long as the mold contamination area is limited to 10 square feet, we will proceed with a complete remediation effort. If we encounter an affected area of more than 10 square feet, we will contain the area, stop the normal mitigation process, and immediately notify your insurance company. If this is the case, we strongly recommend the use of an environmental testing service to establish baseline levels of mold.

  • Mold Containment: We use a variety of containment strategies to stop the spread of mold. This includes isolating and containing mold with physical barriers or other techniques. We use the latest technology to capture, filter, and scrub mold spores from the air. A special anti-microbial agent is used to protect your home from future growth.

  • Contents Cleaning: After removing and disposing of porous and compromised materials like carpeting and drywall, we’ll professionally clean your belongings, including furniture, decorative pieces, clothing and other restorable items. Our technicians use a variety of techniques and professional-grade products that clean thoroughly without affecting the material itself.

Structural Mold Damage to Your Business

Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on and can grow anywhere:

  • Foundations

  • Roofs

  • HVAC systems

  • Drywall

  • Gutters

  • Furnishings and more













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